Thursday, July 23, 2009

Ni Sa Bula

So, I've been thinking about going back to Fiji. I think my mind is just about made up. I miss it so much. Everything about it, even the bad things. Life is so much simpler there. I found an amazing deal on a plane ticket and I sort of want to take that as confirmation that I should go. I'm still so hesitant though.
Life so far has been okay. Working is pleasant enough. The only part that gets me is when there is absolutely no work to be done and I have to make some. Not so fun. Checking my phone, facebook, and email regularly has become commonplace. My co-workers make it bearable however. I love them.
My relationship has been off and on within the period of a month. Don't want to say too much on the subject because judging by how it's been going previously, any statement I could make now might change tomorrow.
I've been getting back in to reading my Bible. I realized that I haven't been doing that. I read Ruth last night with Drew via Skype. I adore the book of Ruth, yet some things about it don't make sense to me. Most likely because I don't have a good grasp of the customs of that time period. I took a class on Ruth back in Bible college and learned a ton. I'm contemplating going over my notes again...
Back to Fiji... I've come to the conclusion that my first trip there, I was definitely meant to go. The second trip there, I knew I wasn't supposed to go, but went anyway. This upcoming third time, I feel about in between. I'm not going to go unless I feel confident. End of story. Too many mistakes were made the second time. I want to travel around this time. I didn't really do anything too spectacular last time. Maybe I should consider getting my diving cerification, going on an intense hike, meeting brand new people. I need this trip. Pray for me.