Thursday, July 23, 2009

Ni Sa Bula

So, I've been thinking about going back to Fiji. I think my mind is just about made up. I miss it so much. Everything about it, even the bad things. Life is so much simpler there. I found an amazing deal on a plane ticket and I sort of want to take that as confirmation that I should go. I'm still so hesitant though.
Life so far has been okay. Working is pleasant enough. The only part that gets me is when there is absolutely no work to be done and I have to make some. Not so fun. Checking my phone, facebook, and email regularly has become commonplace. My co-workers make it bearable however. I love them.
My relationship has been off and on within the period of a month. Don't want to say too much on the subject because judging by how it's been going previously, any statement I could make now might change tomorrow.
I've been getting back in to reading my Bible. I realized that I haven't been doing that. I read Ruth last night with Drew via Skype. I adore the book of Ruth, yet some things about it don't make sense to me. Most likely because I don't have a good grasp of the customs of that time period. I took a class on Ruth back in Bible college and learned a ton. I'm contemplating going over my notes again...
Back to Fiji... I've come to the conclusion that my first trip there, I was definitely meant to go. The second trip there, I knew I wasn't supposed to go, but went anyway. This upcoming third time, I feel about in between. I'm not going to go unless I feel confident. End of story. Too many mistakes were made the second time. I want to travel around this time. I didn't really do anything too spectacular last time. Maybe I should consider getting my diving cerification, going on an intense hike, meeting brand new people. I need this trip. Pray for me.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009


I have never been so frustrated in my entire life. Let me just say that if you tell someone that you are going to do something, you should do it. If you make a promise to someone, you should keep it. If you don't stick to your word enough times, then you will be a liar.
Action must be taken.
Maybe people do these things to you so that you will leave them alone. Maybe that's the plan or something. maybe its working.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Vegas Baby!

I got back from a two-night stay in Las Vegas last night and I want to account for the trip:

Drew and I left on Friday morning around 7:30. As I usually like to do on road trips, we got some McDonald's breakfast and headed out. The entire trip there was around 5 hours (268 miles) long; longer than I've ever driven at one time. Nothing of consequence really occurred on the drive, except for maybe my leg hurting from pushing down on the gas for so long. I really need to get more exercise.

So we arrived! We made pretty good time and got there around 11:30 or so. We were staying at the Tropicana so I parked the car and we unloaded our luggage. We were standing in line to see if we could check in early when Drew asked me if I had brought the credit card that I had used to pay for the room. I felt a sinking feeling in my stomach. "No..." I replied, "was I supposed to?" He gave me a look that let me know what the answer was, but said, "It's alright, we'll figure it out". Then he said, "Oh, but you brought the Lion King tickets right?"
The Lion King tickets that Drew had bought me for my birthday, the whole point of us coming out to Vegas in the first place, were safely nestled in the center pocket of my purse... back at my house in California.
"No" I replied, "I forgot those too". "If you're joking, you should tell me now" he said.
"No, I'm not joking" I whispered. I could feel the tears welling up in my eyes. Drew saw this and said, "Okay, it's okay. It's my fault too. I didn't remind you. We're gonna figure it out".
The receptionist called us to her window and I asked if we could check-in early. She said it was fine and asked for a credit card. I gave her the only one I had brought (which was not the same one I used to pay for our room). She handed me our room keys and said, "Welcome to the Tropicana!"
I was so relieved that our first problem was solved, but still felt the weight of guilt for forgetting the tickets. I called my mom and asked her if she could possibly fax the tickets to the box office or overnight them to our hotel. She said that she would try to call ticket master and see what our options were. Drew told me to go get ready for the rest of the night and that he would handle everything so I went into the bathroom and started to do my hair and make-up. When I came out he told me that there might be a problem because the tickets were on his mother's credit card and that she was supposed to be present in order to pick up new tickets. He said we would just hope for the best and go down to Mandalay Bay to try to pick them up.

So, we got to Mandalay Bay and after searching amidst the slot machines, we found the box office. Drew told the lady working that he had just got off the phone with ticket master and that we had tickets to pick up. He gave her his ID and she went into the back to find the tickets. After a little while she came back out with the tickets in hand, looked at Drew and said, "I found them! They were under Sandra's name..." motioning to me. Drew and I looked at each other. She looked at us and smiled "have a pleasant night!" and handed us the tickets.
The rest of the trip was amazing. We did some gambling, got free drinks, ate at a buffet, went to the M&M and Coke Factories, visited other casinos, watched My Best Friends Wedding, won money and saw the Lion King, which is by far the best musical I've ever seen. While I was waiting for the show to start, Drew said that he had to use the restroom and that he'd be right back. So, i sat and waited for him, a little nervous that he wouldn't make it back in time for the show. Then about 15 minutes later he came back and dropped a big yellow bag in my lap and said, "This is for you, Happy Birthday!" I pulled out a Lion King sweatshirt that he had bought in the gift shop. Pretty much the best boyfriend ever, but there was a funny little story that went along with it.
Apparently he didn't know exactly what to get me so he asked the sales girl to help him out. She asked him what my size was and he told her that he had no idea; that I was the perfect size, not too skinny not too chubby; just right. When she asked him to be a little more specific, he told her that I was a bit skinnier than her (oye vey!). Then she proceeded to pick out a hideous shirt and told him that I would love it and walked away. Drew, however, went with his gut and got me this one instead (which is good because when he described to me the one the lady picked out, it was not so attractive).

The Coke Factory, which is something I've always wanted to see, was closed down back in 2000, but the store was still open, so on the last day we decided to visit it and coke being my favorite soda, I was in heaven. Drew ordered us this thing called "Tastes from around the World" which consisted of 16 different coke brand sodas that were sold in countries all over the world. I would recommend doing this, but I just have to say watch out for Italy. Pretty much the grossest thing I've ever tasted. Afterwards, we packed up and headed out, hitting a ton of traffic, but all in all it was an awesome and much needed vacation. Viva Las Vegas!

My Very First Post

Okay. So, this blog thing is in effect. Hopefully this will prove to be a semi-diverting pass time. I hope to give an unbiased... (strike that)... completely biased account of my life. For those of you who care to read, thank you.